Umbraco Examine Multiple Word Search using Razor

Umbraco Examine Multiple Word Search using Razor

After reading the excellent Umbraco blog post, Examining Examine and the Examine documentation on CodePlex I set about implementing an Umbraco Examine search. And sure enough it is not too difficult to setup. For an explanation of the various configuration properties please read Examining Examine


Firstly edit config/ExamineIndex.config to create an Index Set.

<IndexSet SetName="SiteIndexSet" IndexPath="~/App_Data/TEMP/ExamineIndexes/Site/">
    <add Name="id"/>
    <add Name="nodeName"/>
    <add Name="updateDate"/>
    <add Name="writerName"/>
    <add Name="nodeTypeAlias"/>
    <add Name="parentID"/>
    <add Name="bodyText"/>
    <add Name="Page"/>
  <ExcludeNodeTypes />


Next edit ExamineSettings.config to create an Index Provider.

    <add name="SiteIndexer" type="UmbracoExamine.UmbracoContentIndexer, UmbracoExamine"
      dataService="UmbracoExamine.DataServices.UmbracoDataService, UmbracoExamine"
      analyzer="Lucene.Net.Analysis.Standard.StandardAnalyzer, Lucene.Net"
<ExamineSearchProviders defaultProvider="InternalSearcher">
    <add name="SiteSearcher" type="UmbracoExamine.UmbracoExamineSearcher, UmbracoExamine"
      analyzer="Lucene.Net.Analysis.Standard.StandardAnalyzer, Lucene.Net"/>


Last of all create a Razor script to build, execute and render the search query results.

@using Examine
@using UmbracoExamine

@inherits umbraco.MacroEngines.DynamicNodeContext

  // Store the search value
  var term = Request["searchTerm"];
  var criteria = ExamineManager.Instance.SearchProviderCollection["SiteSearcher"]
  Examine.SearchCriteria.IBooleanOperation filter = null;
  // Create array of node fields to be searched
  var fields = new string[] { "nodeName", "bodyText" };
  // Split & iterate each word within the search term
  foreach (var t in term.Split(' '))
    if (filter == null)
      filter = criteria.GroupedOr(fields, t);
      filter = filter.And().GroupedOr(fields, t);
  if(filter == null)
    filter = criteria.GroupedOr(fields, term);
    filter = filter.And().GroupedOr(fields, term);
  // Not include pages hidden from navigation
  filter.Not().Field("umbracoNaviHide", "1");
  // Execute the search query & order by score
  var results = Examine.ExamineManager.Instance
    .OrderByDescending(x => x.Score);
// Display search results
@if(results.Count() > 0)
  <p>@results.Count() found for @term</p>
  foreach(var item in results)
  <p>No results found for @term</p>

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3. Daniele wrote:
This snippet is working, except for this part

if(filter == null)
filter = criteria.GroupedOr(fields, term);
filter = filter.And().GroupedOr(fields, term);

this just is the reason why the search normally can't match multiple terms strings. If you remove that and change the for like this

var words = term.Split(' ');
for (int i = 0; i < words.Count(); i++)
var t = words[i];
if (i == words.Count() -1)
if (filter == null)
filter = searchCriteria.GroupedOr(fields, t.MultipleCharacterWildcard());
filter = filter.And().GroupedOr(fields, t.MultipleCharacterWildcard());
if (filter == null)
filter = searchCriteria.GroupedOr(fields, t);
filter = filter.And().GroupedOr(fields, t);

you can reach the goal of get multiple term search with trailing wildcard.

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