• Umbraco - NoSQL fix for "No document exists with version" issue

    Today I came across an issue while publishing pages in Umbraco. Every time I tried to edit the page in Umbraco, I kept getting the following error No document exists with version ... A quick search on Google bought up some good articles with fixes via SQL statements.

  • Umbraco Examine Multiple Word Search using Razor

    After reading the excellent Umbraco blog post, Examining Examine and the Examine documentation on CodePlex I set about implementing an Umbraco Examine search. And sure enough it is not too difficult to setup. For an explanation of the various configuration properties please read Examining Examine config/ExamineIndex.config Firstly edit config/ExamineIndex.config to create an Index Set.

  • Setting up Mercurial

    I've been working on setting up version control on a company LAN using the setup described in this tutorial. The central repository is located on a Mac OS, with the developers running either a Windows or a Mac OS. The developers are then pushing and pulling from the central repository to a local repository without any issues.

  • Ajax upload, Jcrop and hidden divs

    Working on the same project as mentioned in a previous post, Using the Loader class in AS3, I came across an issue using a Ajax upload script and the jQuery image cropping plugin, Jcrop. The form had an image within a hidden div, as I didn't want to display the image until the user had uploaded an image. Upon the Ajax upload script onComplete function being successful, Jcrop would be invoked and the image div would be displayed.
  • Using the Loader class in AS3

    I recently worked on a project that required the user to upload a photo of themselves via a web form, and this photo would then be used in a Flash animation. This required using the Loader class that loads external assets (such as images and Flash files) at run time into a Flash movie. For more information about using the AS3 Loader class, take a look at the fantastic tutorial at Republic of Code.
  • N2 radiobuttonlist attribute

    A radio button list attribute is much simpler to implement then the checkbox list attribute, as only one option is being persisted. UpdateEditor checks whether the radio button list has a selected value. If so, it sets the selected item of the radio button list.
  • N2 checkboxlist attribute

    I have used N2 CMS a lot without delving into creating a custom editor, until I needed an editable checkbox list property. My experience of N2 CMS at this point, only ever involved storing an int or string ... it never involved storing a string array.
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